“Self Care”


This is a subject that makes me chuckle. It is something that is talked about so often and has become this buzz phrase throughout society. I actually am not sure if anyone actually has a formal definition of this phrase or if it is one of those things that everyone has their own take on. For me, self care can look like a whole array of things. I could make a never ending list of self care activities, I mean I could come up with one for everyday of the year if I really wanted.

You know when you walk by the Lush store in the mall and you see the abundance of women sniffing every bath bomb under the sun. That is like stereotypical self care paradise. I go and buy a bath bomb and I cannot even sit still in the bathtub long enough for it to dissolve. That sounds a little different than what those instagram influencers say. Also how do they get their knees and toes to just slightly be above the water for a cute photo. First of all, my knees look like potatoes and my feet look like piranhas live in my bathtub. Secondly, my bath bombs do not make my water a pretty psychedelic color…it’s more like a watered down latte.

So clearly, I have a different definition, but sometimes I feel like my self care routine needs to be up to some standard. Like if I am going to self care then I better look like myself has cared. Ya know? These expectations are sometimes placed on things that just should not have them. I find it funny how quickly we are to criticize these areas in our lives. If we do that, it kinda just defeats the purpose.

Since I have a habit of diving into deep relationships with my friends, I have learned how to care for each of them. I have some friends who need my undivided attention to just simply listen to for hour long sessions, or I have the friend who just wants to sit on the couch in silence and eat popcorn while watching a movie. Side-note: I think being able to sit in silence with someone and just be present is one of the truest forms of friendship.

Serving those two different friends in different ways has taught me a lot about myself. I have learned that there are different ways to care for different situations. Some days need a warm cup of coffee, some days need alone time, and some days need a group of friends. There is no perfect prescription to give someone for every situation. I think this is important to remember as we navigate through our days and stumble. Picking yourself back up can look different for everyone. There is not a right or wrong way as long as you end up on your two feet.

The next time you see a perfectly drawn bath on your news feed, go fill up your tub (whatever that looks like for you).


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