Tenez la crème


So long before anyone had ever heard of going “Gluten-free” or “Dairy-free,” I was diagnosed with a severe gluten and dairy intolerance. This was January 2009. All my cheese days and Dairy Queen Blizzards were in my past. At this particular time in my life, I was also in the beginning battle of my eating disorder. This diagnoses was really hard to digest (no pun intended). A big issue I had was the amount of attention that had to be put on me when it came to food. Going out to eat seemed like such a challenge and not many places had begun taking allergy precautions. I would tell my waiter my allergies and they would usually offer me something like a baked potato or a bowl of lettuce… how exciting, right?!? Anyways, there just were not the options available at that time and in combination with my developing eating disorder, it was not an ideal situation.

As years passed, “Gluten-free” became trendy, everyone discovered Oreos were vegan, and I was on my road to recovery. My relationship with food was becoming less toxic and I started trying things my 15 year old self would have never even touched! I slowly became more comfortable talking about food, learning about available substitutes, and eating “Macy food.”

To be honest, I felt very lost for a long time. Cooking and baking was something I loved! If you know me, you know G.g. is the most influential person in my life. She has been the one to listen, to teach, and to ask me every time we talk “I can’t remember… are you able to have ice cream?” God love her. Once I got myself back into the kitchen, I knew that most of the things I would want to make were G.g.’s recipes. I began recreating all of my favorites, from pancakes, to Christmas cookies, to her infamous homemade ice cream. I then realized there were so many different things that I wanted to try, but had to figure out a way to make them “Macy friendly.”

That is when Tenez la crème (Hold the cream) was created. It has been YEARS in the making with many failed attempts and scarred taste testers, but this book is so much more to me than a cookbook. This book is obstacles overcome, goals reached, and a relationship restored with both myself and food.

I am so excited to share some of these recipes with you and I am not stopping here! I plan to continue adding to the collection and would love to add/try any recipes you all recommend. Can’t wait to hear what you think! Enjoy!